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QF Group: Covid-19 Statement - "Business As Usual"   13-03-2020

QF Group: Covid-19 Statement - "Business As Usual" 

Due to the rapidly evolving Covid 19 situation it is the responsibility of each of us to take whatever steps are necessary to limit the spread and protect both ourselves and our clients.

QF has been making preparations to safeguard all stakeholders and ensure business continuity. By maintaining high health and safety standards for the protection of all its employees, contractors and customers.

To this end we are taking the advise given by various expert organizations:

Dept. Business, Enterprise & Innovation - Business Continuity Planning: Checklist of preparatory actions in responding to COVID-19

Depart of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Updated Travel Advice on the Coronavirus

Public Health and advice posters which can be printed and displayed on Business premises

At EU Level, there are two notable links to share:

A dedicated webpage with updated information on the response to the coronavirus

Connecting from the above, a dedicated section on the Transport sector

Based on the information emerging from Government and Media coverage, the suggestion is that it is likely that the coronavirus could result in disruption of normal working activities over the coming weeks. We are making necessary arrangements to ensure business continuity however it will be prudent to plan ahead for some potential disruption.

Commercial Dublin:

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Commercial Belfast:

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Commercial West of Ireland:

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Commercial Netherlands:

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