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Headed by industry professionals, a significant new development for Quality Freight Ltd. with dedicated facilities in Netherlands offering;

Transhipment Services
Crossdocking Services
Freight Consolidation Services
EU Intermodal Solutions
Driver accompanied and unaccompanied transports

Our strategic partnerships have allowed us to create unrivalled direct Trailers services to/from Europe to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Our unique facility is positioned in close proximity to the Short Sea Terminals in Rotterdam, allowing for fast & economical alternatives to direct door/door EU container services via our intermodal solution, collecting EU, crossdocking to 45' Pallet Wide Containers and shipping direct to Ireland & Northern Ireland.


Albert Plesmanweg 117
3088 GC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Yannick Nagtegaal
Mob: +31623503109
Email: [email protected]

Simply let us know the details of your transport requirements and we’ll provide you a free, no obligation quotation.

Quality Express Freight
Quality Express Freight
Quality Express Freight
Quality Express Freight