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Bulk Logistic Solutions (Chemical) Ltd. is a newly created inter-modal dry bulk logistic service provider. They own and operate a fleet of pressurised dry bulk tank containers and they provide a European wide coverage for all types of dry bulk commodities.

In addition to ‘door to door’ deliveries BLS Chemical can also offer you storage, transshipping and bagging facilities in Europe. Due to the flexible size of their company, you will find their service both professional and personal.

Bulk Logistic Solutions Chemical provides:

  • A fleet of pressurised dry bulk tank containers in various configurations
  • 20ft / 26m3, 30ft / 52.6m3, 40ft / 59m3, 40ft / 65m3 & 42ft / 61m3 containers
  • Total EU coverage


Bulk Logistic Solutions (BLS) Ltd. established in 2007 by bulk industry professionals backed by strategic shareholders and partnerships providing experience in delivering excellent service within the intermodal dry bulk industry dedicated to food.

BLS Chemical was formed in 2010 operating a fleet of company owned pressurised dry bulk silo containers and a small fleet of Bag in Box containers. Having built up a reputation for Delivering Peace of Mind service to customers across the chemical and petrochemical industries, BLS is now investing further in Bag in Box, to provide the same high level in service to a wider customer base and offering further flexibility in the dry bulk commodities we can transport.

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